Mayor Tom Gillen

Mayor Tom Gillen is obviously the spoiler in the mayoral race. He’ll likely pull votes from Amy Tresidder as both are Democrats. Unknown

Mayor Gillen is only doing a write-in campaign. He’ll probably get around 200 votes, mostly from voters who aren’t pleased with either Ms. Tresidder or Billy Barlow. Write-in’s are now easier with the new ballots and write-in ballots have increased under the new system.

For some, neither Ms. Tresidder or Mr. Barlow are well known and that could bring them to vote for Gillen.

The distinct difference between Ms. Tresidder and Mr. Barlow is that Mr. Barlow has discussed the city’s problems and the solutions to those problems. Thus far, Ms. Tresidder has mentioned problems (not the significant problems though) and has offered nothing in the way of solutions. 5565c542a306d.image

When Ms. Tresidder ran for the 48th Senate seat, she failed to offer a platform that included solutions. She failed to win Oswego County by 2-1 and lost in her hometown. In the 48th District overall, this is the final count:

48th State Senate District
Northern St. Lawrence County including Ogdensburg, Canton, Gouverneur, Oswegatchie, Waddington, Lisbon, Madrid, Louisville, DeKalb, DePeyster, Hermon, Edwards, Fowler, Rossie, Macomb, Morristown and Hammond plus Jefferson and Oswego counties 

60,758 Incumbent Republican Patty Ritchie, Heuvelton                                                        25,821 Democrat Amy Tresidder, Oswego

Generally, when political parties select a candidate to run for office, they choose someone who can pull votes.

Ms. Tresidder has run for three offices in her short political career: legislator, senator and now mayor. Amy Tresidder-Billy Barlow-Oswego, NY-Oswego mayoral race-age discrimination

Mr. Gillen is the incumbent and Mr. Barlow is a member of the Common Council.

Ms. Tresidder is a county legislator who has missed about one half of the meetings she was required to attend in 2013 and 2014.

Mayor Tom Gillen

Tresidder endorsed by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner

Mayoral hopeful Amy Tresidder has been endorsed by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, a far left Democrat who can’t get along with her city council.

Miner attended Tresidder’s campaign headquarters kickoff, and their closeness is concerning. Miner endorsed Tresidder for mayor.

Amy Tresidder-Stephanie Miner-Oswego Mayoral Race-Billy Barlow-liberal-Hillary Clinton

For those who don’t know Miner, she is a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and has been embroiled with her common council members to the point of lawsuits.

Tresidder, like Miner, is to the left, and how that plays out in a conservative community is left (no pun intended) to be seen.

From what’s been in the news (Google search) Tresidder supports wind turbines. While alternate energy sources are good, wind turbines are extremely controversial. Studies have shown they kill wildlife, including bald eagles. There are also reported noise and health problems with wind turbines.

Tresidder took a trip to a wind farm and this is what she had to say, according to a quote she gave WRVO.

“Alternative energy is something that is being talked about all the time. You know, you can’t hide your head in the sand.”Wyoming_County_Wind_Farm_visit_Oct13_(36)

Hiding ones head in the sand might be necessary if a turbine is placed anywhere in the city.

Tresidder endorsed by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner

How much does Amy Tresidder care about economic development???

As an Oswego County Legislator Amy Tresidder served on the Economic Development Committee last year. The committee met 12 times in 2014. These meetings are about economic development throughout the county, and a lot of what they do involves the City of Oswego.

These are the dates Legislator Tresidder missed meetings*: February 24, 2014, April 28, 2014, May 29, 2014, June 23, 2014, September 25, 2014, November 24, 2014

* October 2014 attendance records unavailable.

Without knowing if she was in attendance in October, Legislator Tresidder missed six of the 12 meetings, three of them consecutively.

Here’s an excerpt from Legislator Tresidder’s mayoral announcement:

“Her campaign is focused on efficient and accountable city government, stimulating economic development, and revitalization of the city’s neglected neighborhoods and infrastructure.”

images 7.21.15 PMThere’s nothing in her press release that mentions her having a job so she probably didn’t miss the meeting because she couldn’t leave work. Here’s more:

“Legislative committees she has served on include Economic Development and Planning, Finance and Personnel, Highway and Infrastructure, and Public Safety. Tresidder feels this broad experience in government will allow her to hold every city department accountable to the taxpayers.”

The year she served on the Infrastructure and Facilities committee she missed the following meetings: March 26, 2013, June 25, 2013, September 24, 2013, November 26, 2013, December 12, 2013

That committee met 15 times in 2013 but three were special meetings that were held just before the legislature session and were less than five minutes long.

Public Safety is the same. She missed six of those meetings: January 28, 2014, February 25, 2014, June 24, 2014, September 26, 2014, October 28, 2014, December 11, 2014

In her first year serving the Finance and Personnel Committee (this year) she missed one of five regular meetings.

Collectively, Ms. Tresidder missed 17 meetings in a 24-month period (2013-14).

Ms. Tresidder says in her press release that her broad experience in government will allow her to hold every city department accountable to the taxpayers. With the number of meetings she has missed, has she been accountable to the taxpayers?

Source: Oswego County legislature committee meeting minutes 2013-15..

Coming tomorrow: More Tresidder 

How much does Amy Tresidder care about economic development???

Does age really matter???

Shame on mayoral candidate Amy Tresidder for her age discrimination tactics. How about a press release that doesn’t list her opponents age.

From Oswego County Today:Amy Tresidder-Billy Barlow-Oswego, NY-Oswego mayoral race-age discrimination

“Tresidder, currently a county legislator and a city resident for more than 30 years, said today (Aug. 19) that she’s challenged 24-year-old city councilman Billy Barlow to a moderated debate to be held in September.”

There’s no need to mention Billy Barlow’s age time and time again. We get it. He’s old enough to vote, run for office, and SERVE OUR COUNTRY. Does Ms. Tresidder think our men and women under the age of 24 don’t belong in the military?

Does this mean that anyone working in city hall under the age of 24 will lose their job?

It might behoove Ms. Tresidder to stop the innocuous reminders that Barlow is young. Maybe a fresh look is what we need. Twelve years of Democrat mayors has gotten our city nowhere. In fact, it’s worse now than it was 12 years ago. A lot worse.

Enough is enough! Harp on something else other than age.

Coming tomorrow: Tresidder’s legislature attendance record.

Does age really matter???